Daily Dose Pick: Art of the Middle East

Featuring an introduction by Zaha Hadid, Saeb Eigner’s powerful new book traces a century of fine art from a region where painting a Cubist–style portrait of a woman is a revolutionary act.

Art of the Middle East is a sumptuous encyclopedia of more than 220 artists, from the internationally renowned (Shirin Neshat and Mona Hatoum, starchitect Hadid), to Westerners taking their influences to heart (José Parlá), to  lesser-known, persecuted voices. Being avant-garde may be dangerous when innovation, subversion, individuality, and satire are literally punishable by law — but as this remarkable tome illustrates, ideas will win out every time.

Buy Art of the Middle East, preview some pages, and check out the British Museum exhibition that inspired it.

Shirin Neshat

Mona Hatoum

José Parlá