Daily Dose Pick: What Would You Buy with $50?

Online exhibition What Would You Buy with $50? features more than 150 works by East African villagers and students from the Circle of Peace School in Uganda, where that price covers a year’s tuition.

The project is the brainchild of artist Jiashan Wu and Joyce Meng, CEO of the volunteer-based online organization Givology. On a recent volunteer mission, they asked the local kids to draw what they would buy with $50, and now each drawing is being sold to help provide continuing education for students at the school.

The online exhibit of the kids’ work provides a clever, touching, and thought-provoking look into an imagined world in which the same amount can buy a book, a kettle, an iPod, or even a plane ticket to New York. The drawings are each available to purchase for (you guessed it) $50.

Read about the $50 Campaign Exhibit, browse the full collection of drawings online, and join the campaign group on Facebook to show your support.

Click through below for more images and profiles of their artists.

Chocolates by Bbaale Irene, age 10

“Irene lives in the Circle of Peace School. Both of her parents died of AIDS when she was a baby. She’s always having fun, even when she’s playing by herself. She told me she would buy a box of chocolate so big that it would take three whole days to eat all of them.”

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