Daily Dose Pick: Forget Sorrow

Writer and artist Belle Yang’s first foray into the graphic-novel format, Forget Sorrow: An Ancestral Tale, is a coming-of-age family saga that eschews the typical saccharine baggage of the memoir.

Yang spent more than 14 years composing and illustrating this autobiographical tale — a story that combines her own struggles as a self-doubting twentysomething Chinese-American with the legacy of struggle that her father’s family experienced in China. Rather than forcing a tidy parallel between the two tales, Yang instead presents a natural concurrence — at most a subtle complement — between her own experiences and the highly-nuanced drama of her heritage.

The result is heart-wrenching, but Yang’s exorcistic storytelling is ultimately about learning to move forward.

Check out Yang’s website, attend a special event with the author this week in NYC, and buy a copy of the book.

Click through below to preview pages from the book.

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