Photo Gallery: Hair’em Scare’em

Lady Gaga isn’t the only one experimenting with fringes of hair design. Hair’em Scare’em is a gorgeous new book that explores hair as a trend in contemporary art, graphic design, illustration, interior design, and even fashion. From Björk’s weirdest creations to marvelously cultivated mustaches to the furry creations of the avant-garde, editor Robert Klanten’s collection showcases the aesthetic possibilities of hair as muse and medium.

There’s Levi Van Veluw, whose enormous sculptures teem with a surface of tangled locks; Patrick Madigan, whose “Twisted” portrait series uncannily flips the back of his subjects’ heads to face forward, and fashion photography duo Zoren Gold and Minori, who turn curls into an art form all their own.

Click through below for a gallery of some of our favorite images.

By Matthew Rainwaters, from Hair’em Scare’em, Copyright Gestalten 2010