A Last-Minute Gift Guide for Your Mom’s TV Doppelganger

Isn’t this always the way? It’s the Friday before Mother’s Day, and you’ve put off buying Mom a gift until today. So, what will it be this year? Some droopy tulips? Perhaps a bottle of lavender-scented body wash? Or are you actually going to look for something your mother will both like and use? If you’re in the latter camp, peruse our last-minute gift guide for our favorite TV moms, and decide which archetype best represents your own maternal unit.

The Clair Huxtable:

The quintessential ’80s mom-who-does-it-all, Clair somehow managed to maintain a successful law career while also raising five great kids. If your mother is also a busy professional with demanding home life, why not buy her some time with a virtual personal assistant, from a service like AskSunday or GetFriday?