10 New and Upcoming Books Featuring Women Artists

Since we like both women and artists, we decided to make a list that combines the two. The following are books on or by leading women artists that we think you should look into. The catch: if the following titles haven’t recently graced a bookshelf near you, they will in a matter of months. Remember: Andy Warhol once said, “The idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting.” Artists include Dana Schutz, Barbara Kruger, Frida Kahlo, Marina Abramović, and more. Click past the jump to view all ten.

Dana Schutz (Rizzoli)
Don’t let all the bright colors fool you; Schutz is drawn toward the macabre. The New York-based painter, who graduated from Columbia’s MFA program in 2002, has had her work shown in museums and galleries around the globe, including paintings of Michael Jackson’s autopsy and people who eat their own flesh.