The 10 Most Unconventional Movie Trailers of the Past Decade

The cryptic new trailer for JJ Abrams’s Super 8 is so well-executed that it actually makes us want to pay $15 to watch the entire film. (What’s inside that armored boxcar?!) It is refreshing. There’s no godlike voiceover, violin crescendo, too-revealing dialogue selected from the best scenes, or increasingly rapid stream of images climaxing with a sober shot of the movie’s title. To celebrate this departure from fixed formula, we’ve rounded up ten trailers from the past decade that were brave enough to defy the standard Hollywood fanfare. Viva creativity.

Cloverfield (2008)

More JJ Abrams. Here, a surprise party for a friend goes well until something on the other side of the city goes terribly wrong. Shot entirely from a first-person perspective, we only ever know as much as the guy with the camera does. The trailer is intimate to the point of being claustrophobic.