Interactive Alternatives to 3D Film

Recently, James Cameron stated that he believes 3D will replace 2D in less than 25 years. Considering that every single film announced recently is set to be released in 3D, he may be right. But many people remained skeptical. One of the most outspoken critics is Roger Ebert, who has said he believes filmmaking should be about “story, not gimmicks.” Francis Ford Coppola has also stated that it’s just another way “to make you pay more money.” (Considering that many 3D films are converted retroactively rather than being shot in the actual format, this appears to be true.) However, there are alternatives. While 3D is simply the illusion of an interactive world, many filmmakers are trying to deliver the real thing.

Walking Cinema: Murder on Beacon Hill

Murder on Beacon Hill — an application “built around a 43-minute series of interactive videos” — recently made history as the first iPhone application to be accepted into a major film festival. Although the videos premiered back-to-back in a theater, the “film” is supposed to be watched over the course of a walking tour of Boston’s Beacon Hill.