Photo Gallery: Escape From New York Art Show

The title says it all. Earlier this month art blogger turned curator Olympia Lambert staged the opening of her new show Escape From New York in the suburbs of New Jersey. Housed in an abandoned three-story warehouse in Paterson, the exhibition showcases the works of 43 contemporary artists every Saturday for the next month — including a new media response to Marina Abramović’s The Artist Is Present cheekily titled The Artist Is Kinda Present.

“The goal for the show is to expand people’s horizons and get them out of that mentality of ‘We will go as far into Bushwick as humanly possible and we will spend an hour and 15 minutes getting there, but we will not go on a 42-minute train ride in the opposite direction,'” Lambert recently told the Village Voice. “It’s kind of a ridiculous concept, but it’s just this outmoded thinking — as are a lot of things in our world right now.”

Click through below for small sampling of the art included in the show.

The Paterson Project (Black and White and Red (All Over)), Nicholas Fraser