10 Lessons We Learned from 2010’s Celebrity Graduation Speeches

The 2010 celebrity commencement speech has been a strange one, so far. While we continue to await Lisa Kudrow’s talk at Vassar, Wyclef Jean’s keynote at Western Connecticut State, and several others, this season has already yielded a treasure trove of wonderful (okay, and some awful) wisdom. We may not agree with all of the 10 lessons we’ve collected here (Obama’s diatribe against technology, Glenn Beck’s very existence), but we’ve taken other luminaries’ (Meryl Streep, Bill Clinton, Rachel Maddow) words to heart. Who can resist a graduation season that features both a goofy Anderson Cooper and a dead-serious Alec Baldwin?

Nothing is more important than empathy.
“As Jung said, ‘Emotion is the chief source of coming into conscious.’ There can be no transforming of lightness into dark, of apathy into movement, without emotion. Or, as Leonard Cohen says, ‘Pay attention to the cracks, because that’s where the light gets in.'” – Meryl Streep at Barnard, May 17. Watch the final clip below, or check out all four parts of this stirring, proudly feminist speech here.