Flavorpill’s Official Lost Finale Drinking Game

This Sunday marks the two and a half hour Lost finale extravaganza, and we at Flavorpill are feeling a little conflicted. We’re giddy with excitement (think of all the answers we’ll FINALLY get!) but we’re also sad because we’ll no longer have an excuse  to ogle Henry Ian Cusick every week. So to combat this ambivalence, we’ve devised a drinking game for our fellow Losties to both drown our collective sorrows and reward us for having the patience and tolerance to stick with the oh-so cryptic show until the end. But be warned: this game might make your liver hate you forever. So grab a case or two of Dharma beer and peep the Official Flavorpill Lost Finale Drinking Game® rules after the jump. As always, feel free to suggest your own additions in the comments.

Take a drink…

…when you see a close-up of an eye.
…every time Desmond says “brotha.”
…every time Hurley says “dude.”
…once when Smokey kills a person  in Locke form. Drink twice when he kills someone in smoke monster form.
…every time Miles makes a snarky comment.
…every time Sawyer calls someone by a nickname. Take a second if it’s a misogynist nickname.
…Jacob gives an annoyingly simple and straightforward answer to a major question (à la “It’s just a line of chalk on a wall”).

Take shot…

…if Shannon (Maggie Grace) shows up. Take another if she’s wearing a mini skirt.
…every time Ben shoots someone.
…any time someone speaks Latin.
…if Desmond and Penny (and baby Charlie) are reunited.
…if Faraday and David are both playing at that concert everyone in sideways world seems to be going to.


…every time Jack reminds everyone that he is in charge.
…if Claire goes into labor in sideways world.
…if Juliet is David’s mom.
…if you hear Mr. Eko’s name.
…if anyone mentions the polar bear.

Finish your drink…

…if Vincent re-appears.
…if (fingers crossed) Kate dies.
…if (the real) John Locke is resurrected on the island.
…if Drive Shaft performs. Or that damn “You All Everybody” song is played.