Rate-a-Trailer: The Last Exorcism

The Exorcist series is considered one of the scariest film-franchises of all time. Eli Roth, with his torture-porn Hostel series, is considered one of the most grotesque filmmakers of all time. In August of this year, their powers combine with the release of The Last Exorcism. Judging from the trailer, which slightly resembles The Blair Witch Project with its use of first-person shots and shaky camera work, this installment looks scary, but not from using a plethora of jump-around-the-corner-surprise-scary scenes that lazy horror flicks tend to depend on.

Whenever someone says there’s “Nothing to be nervous about,” like Reverend Cotton Marcus does to the demon-possessed girl in this film, there usually is.

The Last Exorcism hits theaters August 27, 2010.