7 New London Bands You Have to Hear

We love London. More specifically, we love music from London (might have something to do with a mid-’90s teenage infatuation for all things Britpop). The UK capital spits out new music at an aggressive rate. Yet the past few years has seen the city’s musical DNA mutate beyond recognition. Acts like The xx craft come-down tunes out of a love for the Pixies and chart R&B, while fuzz-punks Male Bonding recently earned Pitchfork’s Best New Music designation with a debut that sounds like it should have come from the LA scene that spawned No Age, instead of an East London that until just a few short years ago was dominated by the rule-Britannia shapes thrown by the Libertines and their landfill of indie followers.

Hungry for more, we asked a local London duo to give us their top picks from the city’s increasingly diverse music scene. Alessio Natalizia, of blogger favorite Banjo or Freakout, and Sam Willis, one half of DJ/producer/label duo Allez-Allez, are a pair who perhaps best encapsulate the new London spirit with their debut release as Walls. Their self-titled album reflects the genre- (and international border-) defying musical streak that unites the city’s finest with a heady, sun-kissed fusion of throbbing beats and hazy swirls that border on shoegaze. This summertime music for kraut rock and minimal techno lovers has just enough pop coursing through its veins to satisfy Animal Collective fans thirsting for a fresh dose of accessible, dance-fueled experimentation.

Find out more about what Walls is listening to below.

Radiant Dragon

Walls’ verdict: “Awesome Chinese-disco-kraut-cosmic jams.”
We think: Pop music for fans of Brian Eno, synths and the Blade Runner soundtrack.
Listen to:Frost Satellite