20 Gal-Pal Movies to Watch Instead of Sex and the City 2

We admit it: there was a time when we were as devoted to the original Sex and the City TV series as any other 21st-century girl. But then came the first movie, which was so fluffy and inane and contrived it seemed to negate any affection we could have had for Carrie and friends. Now, Sex and the City 2 has landed and promises to dominate the Memorial Day weekend box office… despite the fact that critics have declared it an irredeemable stinker. The movie’s current Metacritic score? Thirty-two. Stephanie Zacharek at Movieline calls it “a sad and ugly example of how terrific television can mutate into something that feels a lot like torture porn.”

So why are women lining up hours in advance to watch this demented spectacle? Many speculate that it has something to do with a lack of great movies about female friendship. While we would love to see more gal pals on the big screen, the Flavorpill staff would like to point out that there are a number of films out there featuring lady cliques we would much rather meet for cocktails. After the jump, check out 20 of our favorites.

1. 9 to 5 (1980)
We have six words for you: Lily Tomlin. Jane Fonda. Dolly Parton. And if the cast isn’t enough to send 9 to 5 to the top of your Netflix queue, consider the plot. These three office ladies conspire to bring down their tyrannical, sexist boss. And Parton does the soundtrack, which includes her classic title track.

2. Friends with Money (2006)
It’s hard to pick just one movie by Nicole Holofcener, who has been quietly making incredible movies about women’s friendships for the past 15 years. The women at the center of Friends with Money may be in the same age group as the SATC gals, but their problems are real and relatable: Failing marriages, professional angst, general aimlessness. But through it all, their commitment to each other is what holds the film together.

3. The Women (1939)
Forget the awful Debra Messing/Meg Ryan remake. The original, starring Norma Shearer and Joan Crawford, was scandalous when it was released. This group of women may be scheming and competitive, but you can bet they have each other’s backs in the end.

4. Daisies (1966)
Not familiar with the Czech New Wave? Get to know it with this ’60s masterpiece, featuring two wild girls named “Marie I” and “Marie II.” They make mischief, dance to music, and play men for fools, in a film so great it was banned by Soviet censors.