Maximum Consumption: The 10 Best Musical Cookbooks

For some bands, there comes a time when music is not enough. Maybe the lead singer is acting like a diva, maybe there’s no more artistic inspiration, maybe your patented toothbrushes are made of toxic plastic, or maybe it’s just that you have a deep, unrealized vision of yourself as Julia Child. Regardless, for many musicians, food is the next frontier, and our Amazon shopping carts (if not our stomachs) are all the better for it. Want to make GWAR’s candied sweetbreads? How about some of Dolly Parton’s Dixie Fixin’s? Dig into our favorite musical cookbooks after the jump.

1. You’re Cookin’ It Country by Loretta Lynn

Lynn is a whiz with lard and flour, but there isn’t much here for heart-healthy or vegetarian-leaning folks. She sprinkles her recipes with anecdotes about her country days, like the pie that won her husband’s heart: “The night we met, he bought a pie that I had made for a pie social. I had made this chocolate pie, and it looked good to me. But I had made it with salt instead of sugar.” And there’s also a recipe for Butcher Holler Possum: “I’ll teach you how to cook it just like Mommy did. Mommy’d always cook that possum until it got tender. There’d be grease an inch thick on it. She’s pour off the water and the grease and lay sweet potatoes all around the possum in her baking pan. That was Daddy’s favorite food.”