Assigned Reading: The Ultimate Zombie Lit Reading List

They are everywhere. Lurking in street corner shadows and hidden among what’s left of the world’s trees. They’re behind highway embankments and new building facades, over the rivers and throughout neighborhoods. They are down the hallway, up the stairs, and in your attic. Mostly though, they’re in bookstores. And their prevalence cannot be denied. They are the Undead. Or, if you prefer a more colorful vernacular: Zombies. And here are nine ways bookworms can hold them close to your hearts.

1. World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks

Brooks’ latest foray into the legend of the undead is “a record of the greatest conflict in human history.” According to the introduction, this book came about after our fearless chronicler was told by his boss at the U.N. that his Postwar Commission Report relied too heavily on “the human factor” and would have to be redacted. Naturally, no matter how inhuman the afflicted may appear, this is above all a human tragedy. And the millions of dead deserve to be remembered by more than mere facts and figures. This is the history Gibbon would’ve written had he witnessed another kind of rise and fall. And it’s the history of us all, whether they want us to know it or not.