10 New Women in Music Who Should Be on Your iPod

Girl power has never looked (or sounded) as good now that these 10 ladies have arrived on the scene. From the synth-pop stylings of Class Actress to the dancehall beats of Lady Chann, we’re bringing you a list of our favorite new female-fronted music acts, along with a few free downloads. As always, we made a few comparisons to help give you an idea of what each sounds like — and point you toward the ones that you’ll want to have on your iPod stat.

If you like Eurythmics’ early albums or Light & Magic-era Ladytron then check out Class Actress.

This Brooklyn trio’s eighties-influenced snyth-pop recalls the best of New Order and Depeche Mode and yet still manages to seem completely fresh and innovative. Mark Richardson’s steely production is the perfect backdrop for lead singer Elizabeth Harper’s cool croon and the group’s debut EP Journal of Ardency has been quickly garnering loads of blogosphere acclaim. A hit at SXSW this year, they’re currently in the market for a new label to distribute their first full-length album. In the meantime, they’ve landed supporting gigs playing with the likes of Holly Miranda and Dragonette.

Download:Careful What You Say