Which Summer Camp Movie Is Right For You?

True confession: We never had the cajones for sleepaway camp. At least not in real life. But we’ve always been obsessed with books (There’s a Bat in Bunk Five, Holes), TV shows (Salute Your Shorts, True Life: I’m Going to Fat Camp), and most of all, movies about what we can only assume is a life-channging experience. With the official launch of summer less than a week away, we felt like it was time to revisit some of our favorite summer camp flicks. Click through to find out which one is right for you.

Camp Inch – The Parent Trap (1961)

Sharon and Susan are twins who were separated as babies and unwittingly reunite at summer camp. Each girl wants to meet the parent that she’s never known, so they decided to switch places, with Susan in Boston pretending to be Sharon, and Sharon in California as Susan.

Perfect for: Adult children of divorce; people who always wanted a twin; anyone who has only seen the Lindsay Lohan version; fans of Miss Bliss