Track Title Showdown: Same Name, Different Song

When we heard, earlier this week, that the long-awaited Jay-Z/Dr. Dre collaboration was called “Under Pressure,” we thought, “Could it be?” But then we listened to it. It wasn’t so great, and it certainly wasn’t a cover of David Bowie and Queen’s legendary collaboration. And that made us extra disappointed. It also got us thinking about how many songs have faked us out this way in the past. After the jump, we compile ten “same name, different song” situations to determine which one wins the right to be the definitive track with a given title. Use the comments to weigh in and add to our list.

Salt-n-Pepa’s “Push It” vs. Garbage’s “Push It”

Who wins?
We were super into Garbage’s Beach Boys-sampling “Push It” when it came out. But these days, it’s sounding pretty 1998 to us. But Salt-n-Pepa’s widely sampled single just gets better every time a DJ spins it.