This Depressing Infographic About Hollywood’s Lack of Female Directors Tells Us Bad News We Already Know

If you’re a devotee of both film and feminism, which we’re sure you are, dear readers, this infographic from … Read More

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Exclusive Infographic: Which ‘Arrested Development’ Character Are You?

The big day is just around the corner, folks! Are you ready? To celebrate our beloved Arrested Development week, we threw together our very own illustrated flowchart to determine which character suits you best. Are you Lucille? Annyong? Tobias?… Read More

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These Wonderful 3D Infographics Are Taller Than You

Belgian studio Coming Soon is all about making it big. Their Hand Lettering creations filled a giant chalkboard with letters in a variety of fonts and styles. And with Infographics XXXL, they’ve taken actual graphs and blown them up to a huge size for Ablynx, a client that specializes in the research of nanobodies. The result is that, instead of casually glancing at the same old pie chart or bar graph, shareholders have something to keep their gaze on the numbers, like a blurry scientist walking by human-size bars or holding up a literal piece of the pie. See a selection of Coming Soon’s giant infographics after the jump. … Read More

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Young Adult Heroines: An Infographic

What do the heroines of ultra-popular YA novels (and their attendant film adaptations) have in common? Quite a bit,… Read More

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Exclusive Infographics: Fictional Character Birthday Calendars

[Editor’s note: In celebration of the holidays, we’re counting down the top 12 Flavorwire features of 2012. This post, at #6, was originally published April 11.] Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves for a good, old-fashioned SAT-style analogy. Ready? Creed from The Office is to Hello Kitty as Don Draper is to ________? If you answered “Oscar the Grouch,” you win! Confused? Don’t fret — it’s easy to assume that these fictional folks are unrelated when, in actuality, they celebrate their birthdays on the same day. Fun fact, eh? On that note, so do Rocky Balboa and Seth Cohen, the Weasley twins and Bart Simpson, and Superman and Jerry from Parks and Recreation — and we’re just getting started! After the jump, we’ve made a series of monthly timelines charting hundreds of fictional birthdays from TV, film, literature, video games, and beyond. Of course, not every day can be Liz Lemon’s or Rambo’s birthday, so a few of us might find that our character birthday soul mate is an obscure anime character or a toddler on a soap opera, but hey, that ain’t so bad. Click through for upwards of 365 character birthdays, then hit the comments to announce your newfound birthday twin. … Read More

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