'90s Hip-Hop Icons: Where Are They Now?

With Slim Shady making his airwave-monopolizing return, as well as our other recent check-ups on ’90s alternative kids and Nickelodeon stars, we thought it might be worth a trip down recent memory lane to trace another group of 1990s icons. That’s right, it’s class-reunion time, hip-hop edition. What’s Doug E. Fresh doing? Has Sir Mix-a-lot expanded his position on butt-bouncing? Can we still not touch this, MC Hammer? The answers to all your burning questions about the hip-hop stars of 20 years ago, after the jump.


Coolio — née Artis Leon Ivey, Jr. — was impossible to avoid in the mid-1990s. His 1994 single “Fantastic Voyage” was followed in swift succession by the smash hit “Gangsta’s Paradise,” which was on the Dangerous Minds soundtrack. But his follow-up album tanked, and he was dropped from Tommy Boy Records. He has released four albums since then, all pretty much ignored by American audiences (though he did score a minor hit in the UK with 2006’s “Gangsta Walk.”) Though his music career stalled out, Coolio’s been hitting the reality show circuit hard. In the US, he was on Celebrity Fear Factor, and he appeared on the UK’s Big Brother series twice, once in Celebrity Big Brother in 2009, and this year in Ultimate Big Brother. He also had a show on Oxygen network called Coolio’s Rules, and hosted his own cooking show, which culminated in the release of Coolio’s Cookbook last year.

There has been tragedy, too: In 2009, Coolio did a stage dive during a show, but the crowd parted and then robbed him of his chains and sneakers. Then, in March last year, he was busted for possession of crack at an airport. And another unfortunate decision, though a minor one, was a tattoo he got after touring with Insane Clown Posse this summer that read “Jugalo Cool.” Still, he fared better with the Juggalos than Tila Tequila.