’90s Nickelodeon Stars: Where Are They Now?

[Editor’s note: Flavorwire is counting down our most popular features of 2010. This post comes in at position number 3It was originally published June 3, 2010.] It’s been a nostalgic week for us at Flavorpill. A post devoted to ten child stars to follow on Twitter got us thinking about what ever happened to all the kid actors we used to love on classic Nickelodeon shows. Are the All That kids still comedians? Does the Roundhouse gang still sing and dance? What are Alex Mack and Sam from Clarissa Explains It All up to in 2010? Remember Hey Dude? After the jump, we answer all those questions and many, many more.

The Adventures of Pete & Pete, 1993-1996

How has life been treating the brothers Pete since their wonderful show ended nearly 15 years ago? (Does this make you feel old? We’re feeling downright ancient.) Let’s start with Michael C. Maronna, better known as Big Pete. He’s a graduate of New York’s prestigious Hunter College High School and studied filmmaking at artsy SUNY Purchase. He was steadily employed as a film and TV actor through the mid-’00s, mostly playing burnout types in movies like Slackers and 40 Days and 40 Nights. In 1999, he portrayed Stuart, the knowing slacker in a series of Ameritrade commercials. Since then, he’s remained in show business but switched to the other side of the camera. These days, he mainly works as an electrician, and his credits include everything from the first Sex and the City flick to Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead to Michel Gondry’s Be Kind Rewind.

Little Pete, a.k.a. Danny Tamberelli, jumped to All That post-Pete and stayed there through 2000. He also appeared in the underrated indie Igby Goes Down in 2002 and on a few short-lived TV series. Tamberelli went to high school in New Jersey before jumping ship to hippie haven Hampshire College. (If you know anyone who went there in the first half of the ’00s, we’re sure they have stories about him. Our friends certainly do.) These days, he’s in two bands, Jounce and Every Good Boy. And to the best of our knowledge, the last time he appeared on TV was in a 2006 Wendy’s commercial. These days, you can find him on Twitter.