Horrible Corporate Logo Redesigns: Where Are They Now?

The Gap only debuted its unfortunate new logo a few days ago, but the criticism has been coming fast and furious. Gawker calls it one of “branding’s greatest misses,” Ad Age has posted a meta-analysis of the negative reactions, and it’s even inspired Craplogo.me, which allows you to Gap-ify (or is that “crap-ify”?) a word of your choosing. But probably our favorite spin-off so far is @gaplogo, a surly Twitter account that hits back at the haters. Some recent wisdom: “People, I may be ‘ugly’ but I think we can all agree that spec work/crowd-sourcing isn’t the solution. What is the solution? More scotch.”

To celebrate this epic failure of design sensibility, we bring you a recent history of regrettable moments in corporate rebranding. Tell us which you think is the worst, and add your own (least) favorite examples, in the comments.


Image via Design Crit

Sometimes, redesigned packaging is so bad it actually dramatically decreases sales. That’s what happened last year, when Tropicana abandoned their classic orange-with-cartoon straw image for slick, sans serif lettering and a tasteful goblet of OJ. Sales of the Pure Premium line saw a 20 percent dip in under two months, and the company was forced to reinstate the old packaging. We doubt they’ll try anything new for quite a while.