10 Cult Films That Should Never Be Remade

We could hardly believe the news, yesterday, that Warner Bros. is planning to reboot Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the movie, without the participation of franchise mastermind Joss Whedon. Although we’ve endured endless offensive remakes in the past several years, this one was particularly surprising: The original film is, after all, only 18 years old and its creator is still very much a force in the industry. Plus, the TV series was always a far bigger hit than the movie.

If anything proves that the possibility of wrongheaded remakes is unlimited, it’s the new Buffy. With that in mind, we present our list of 10 cult films that should under no circumstances ever be remade. Please, Hollywood, trust us on these.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Why: It was 1975, and glam rock’s omnisexual revolution had finally made it to the big screen in a film that united thousands of beautiful freaks around the world for ritualistic midnight screenings. Thirty-five years later, you can still find a weekly Rocky Horror showing to attend. But, as Glee recently proved, times have changed, and recreating the movie in 2010 would feel entirely tone-deaf. Also, there is only one Tim Curry in the world, and you’ll never find a better Dr. Frank-N-Furter than him. So, no, we are not on board with Glee creator Ryan Murphy’s potential Rocky Horror remake.