Travel Photo Diary: Mumbai, India

Last month, we followed the lead-up to the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project, which saw 14 countries trading culture to create international mash-up parties simultaneously around the world. Along the way, we headed to Thailand and India, to explore the unique culture of each country and document what we found.

The second stop on the trip was Mumbai, India, a city marked by non-stop activity, rich cultural heritage, diverse nightlife, and, of course, a striking divide between the rich and the poor. We were in town during the second anniversary of the 2008 terror attacks in the city, which added gravity to the visit, but the resilience of its residents was both striking and inspiring.

In addition to wandering through colorful, bustling marketplaces, traveling to a cavernous shrine on an island populated by monkeys, and sampling delicious, eclectic cuisine, we were also able to experience some of Mumbai’s most exotic nightlife spots. From the rooftop bar Aer, located at the top of the Four Seasons Hotel, to Blue Frog, which hosted a two-day music festival curated by Talvin Singh, the city offered an endless array of ways to throw down, Indian style. It was the perfect set-up for the final stop of the trip — Bangalore, India, for the Indian Nightlife Exchange party itself.

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Cows are as a common a sight on Mumbai streets as horses are in NYC.