Gift Guide: What to Buy Your Impossible to Shop For Valentine

Last week, we urged you to think outside the Valentine’s Day box and forsake expected gifts like candy, flowers, and stuffed animals for 25 stylish alternatives. But we worry that some of you are still approaching V-Day with no present plan whatsoever. And we can totally sympathize — some people are just impossible to shop for. So, we’re doing our part to help you out with this guide to thoughtful presents for eight kinds of picky Valentines, from design geeks and bookworms to music junkies and jetsetters.

The Design Geek

Does your significant other scoff at your bargain-basement dinnerware and lecture you on the relative merits of obscure fonts? Then you may have a design geek on your hands — and he’s not going to settle for some crap-ass IKEA vase. To avoid a faux pas, try:

Wayfarer pillowcase set, $30 at BKNY

Classic sunglasses meet practical bedding — the perfect combination of form and function.

we are inside your ampersand signed 8×10 print, $20 by Marc Johns

Typography buffs tend to be big fans of the elegant ampersand. Why not make yours smile with this new, cute/slightly creepy, print by Marc Johns?

Carnival Light Arrow,$229 at A&G Merch

We admit that it would take a pretty strong design sensibility to work this showstopper into your decor. But every design freak loves a challenge, and this one — which reminds us in the best possible way of David Lynch films and ’50s Vegas — seems well worth the head-scratching.