Our 20 Favorite Out-of-Control Teens on Film

A few weeks ago, in honor of the oh-so-controversial teens of Skins, we rounded up ten of our favorite out-of-control TV teens. And although that show is far from finished making headlines, pop culture already has a new gang of wild youths to contend with. Gregg Araki, known recently for stoner comedy Smiley Face and bracing indie drama Mysterious Skin, is back with Kaboom, a film that hearkens back to his joyfully decadent ’90s fare. In celebration of Araki’s candy-colored ode to collegiate experimentation, we’ve put together a list of our favorite out-of-control teens on film.

Cry-Baby Walker, Cry-Baby

In a simpler time — the ’50s — when you were either a square or a rocker, Johnny Depp’s Cry-Baby was the rockin’-est of them all. The hunkiest troubadour-cum-juvenile delinquent in Baltimore, he made us laugh and swoon in equal measure. We have to assume director John Waters felt the same way.