Some Music Videos We’d Like VH1’s New ‘Pop-Up Video’ to Explain

We rejoiced at the news, earlier this week, that VH1 is bringing back Pop-Up Video, which we’ve missed ever since it went off the air in 2002. In addition to the pop and rock videos the original provided fascinating factoids about, the new version of the show will feature hip-hop videos for the first time. After the jump, check out our list of wonderful, bizarre, and downright baffling post-Pop-Up Video-era music videos that we hope to see the show explain — and be sure to leave your own suggestions in the comments.

Radiohead — “Lotus Flower”

“Lotus Flower” is the first single from Radiohead’s beat-driven King Of Limbs, and the release of its music video sent the internet into a tizzy. The clip is five monochromatic minutes of Thom Yorke wildly gesticulating in a bowler hat. Sure, various blogs poked fun at “Lotus Flower,” and Yorke’s spastic dancing created a hillarious new meme,  but there are questions that remain to be answered. How many takes did Yorke need? Where is this barren warehouse? Can the Radiohead frontman also dance the White Swan?