10 Books Deemed Too Dangerous to Read

We are nearing the end of Banned Books Week and realized that there have been so many titles in the past few years that have ruffled the feathers of elected officials, holy men, and her highness, Oprah. Some have been great, some have been horrible, and some just downright racist. We’re always curious about books that are deemed so dangerous that the public shouldn’t be able to read them. Although we would be taken aback if we saw a friend openly displaying Mein Kampf on her bookshelf, we think that with enough critical distance people can learn a lot from books that uncover the wicked underbelly of society. So read on, dear readers, and tell us what “dangerous books” you’ve read and enjoyed.

Seven Days in Rio by Francis Levy

Eric Obernauf, the publisher of Two Dollar Radio, writes, “The book is a satire that follows a sex tourist to an absurdist skewering of Rio de Janeiro. One of the great jokes of the book is that it compares psychoanalysts to prostitutes. Anyways, some government officials in Brazil didn’t get the joke and said they would demand an apology, even going so far as to write a letter to the US embassy.”

Deemed: Prejudiced!