10 New Must-Reads for October

As we ease our way into the scariest month of the year, it’s time again for us to present our list of the most exciting books due to grace our shelves in the weeks to come. This month, take your pick from October’s virtual smorgasbord of books, and whether your pleasures lie in zombies, genetic anomalies, poetry, God, hell, love triangles or some combination of the above, you’ll find something to like here. Or maybe several somethings — after all, the weather’s getting chilly, and nothing compliments a cup of tea better than a great book. Click through to see our preview of the best bets for great reading this month, and let us know which books you can’t wait to read in the comments.

The Cat’s Table, Michael Ondaatje (October 4)

In 1954, at the start of the novel, Michael is 11 years old and on board the Oronsay, travelling to London from Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). At mealtimes, the boy sits at the eponymous Cat’s Table, positioned furthest from the Captain’s, where he meets the ragtag crew of least desirable sailors who help him learn to navigate his new world. As with all Ondaatje’s writing, the prose is delicate and enchanting, but this novel in particular is a beautifully woven tour de force for the already much-lauded writer.