Daryl Peveto’s Photos of American Nomads

We’ve developed a bit of a fascination, here at Flavorpill, with communities that live on the margins of society — Irish travelers, modern-day British gypsies. So we’ve spent quite a while paging through photographer, videographer, and visual journalist Daryl Peveto’s American Nomads series, which we discovered via Booooooom. Inspired by the concept of the American Dream, Peveto followed the residents of Slab City, on California’s Salton Sea, who live in a place without electricity or safe drinking water in a lawless community with a barter economy. While he acknowledges that life in Slab City can be difficult and sordid, he also notes that the residents are more like us than we might assume: “they eat and bathe and sleep and marry and die.” See them do some of the above in a selection of American Nomads photos after the jump; then head to Peveto’s website to see the rest of the series and learn more about his work.

Image credit: Daryl Peveto