An Offbeat Gift Guide for TV Lovers

Do you have an older brother who speaks in Ron Swanson quotes? Or a best friend who went as Blue Man Tobias Fünke for Halloween? Or a younger sister who sings “Night Cheese” in her sleep? If yes, this gift guide is for you! Sometimes, season DVD/Blu-ray sets just won’t cut it for our favorite modern TV aficionados. Firstly, because they probably already own ’em. And secondly? Well, they’re just not original enough. These people deserve silly, offbeat TV-related gifts that will make them chuckle and ask, “Where in the world did you find this?” Then you’ll bring them here and we’ll all high-five and eat “meat tornado” cookies. Or not. Either way, check out some TV-themed trash bags and binoculars after the jump.

Ron Swanson Cookie Gift Box, $30

Since it’s impossible to put Ron Swanson’s face on bacon and eggs (or is it?), Whipped Bakeshop is here to bake us up a batch of Parks and Recreation cookies featuring everyone’s favorite department director. Each gift box comes with six vanilla shortbread cookies — two quotes, two steaks, and two Swanson faces. Even though “cookies” are a sensitive subject for Ron right now, we’re pretty sure any Pyramid of Greatness fan would love to find these goodies under a tree.