How to Throw a Party Like a Rock Star

Last week our art editor Marina Galperina prepared for New Year’s Eve with an excellent survey of how to throw a party like various famous artists throughout history. This week, with our NYE hangovers largely conquered and our party appetites pretty much replenished, we’re revisiting the idea with a similar feature — only this time we’re focusing on the music industry, because, as pretty much everyone knows, no one throws a party like rock stars (and rappers, for that matter). From Freddie Mercury’s novel use for people under five feet tall to Richard D. James’s Miami beach nightmare, it’s all here… Or is it? Let us know if we missed anything.

50 Cent

All you really need is a bottle of Bacardi, along with a creepily leering and possibly homicidal drug dealer to give you a hug. This one should be pretty straightforward. Assuming, of course, that it’s your birthday.

Difficulty: 3/10, unless there’s a drive-by.