10 Great Movies Streaming Free on YouTube

Hey there, film lover. How’s your January? I know, I know, not much in the way of new movies worth seeing this month, what with January being the Hollywood dumping ground and all. How’s about just staying in and streaming some Netflix? What’s that? You dropped your subscription because they raised the price by five bucks? Way to take a stand! Okay, so, go hit the Redbox. Yeah, you’re right, it’s pretty cold out. No need to bundle up and head all the way over to the Walgreens, only to go find that they’re all out of Fast Five. So what now?

Well, come to find out, your old pal YouTube has a surprisingly excellent collection of feature-length flicks streaming for the bargain price of zero dollars. I know, right? And, sure, a lot of them are junk, or the same public-domain titles that have been turning up on bargain DVDs at the Dollar Tree for years now. But there are some gems in there, and (being a service-oriented organization), we’ve sifted through their offerings to find the best of the bunch. Check ’em out after the jump.

Donnie Brasco

It’s awfully easy to dismiss Al Pacino these days, what with all the Righteous Kills and 88 Minuteses and Two for the Moneys he’s accumulated, but don’t forget: when the guy gets a good role and a strong director, he still delivers like nobody in the business. Take a look at his HBO movies Angels in America or You Don’t Know Jack, or theatrical efforts like The Insider, Insomnia, and this terrific 1997 gangster picture from director Mike Newell (Four Weddings and Funeral). As downbeat grinder “Lefty” Ruggiero, Pacino is less Michael Corleone than Willy Loman; his portrayal of the workaday goodfella who’s watched the parade pass by is one of his most layered and intriguing to date. Oh, and did we mention Johnny Depp is in it? Johnny Depp is in it.