15 TV Kitchens We Covet

As we may have mentioned, we are pretty excited to see Absolutely Fabulous back on TV. We missed Patsy and Edina, we missed Saffy, we missed Gran, and we especially missed Bubble, Eddy’s walking acid trip of an assistant. But it wasn’t until we read Tom & Lorenzo’s great blog post about the show’s return that we realized we had been longing for more than just the characters. As they note, Eddy has one hell of a kitchen, and it feels great to watch the cast sip coffee and chug champagne in it again. The Monsoon kitchen and 14 others that we wouldn’t minding owning are after the jump.

Absolutely Fabulous

Edina Monsoon’s life may be a series of high-fashion crises and narcissistic meltdowns, but let’s give credit where credit is due: The woman has one hell of a kitchen. We love its open design, the modern steel and wood touches, and the table big enough to seat drug-addled best friends, responsible daughters, and unwelcome, vaguely senile mothers alike. Of course, Eddy is never actually cooking in her kitchen — she gets a whole lot more use out of that ginormous wine fridge.