Hilarious Movie Parody Posters Starring the Simpsons

The Simpsons are among pop culture’s most protean characters; if they weren’t, the show’s writers surely would have run out of story lines over a decade ago. So it’s no surprise that the Internet has taken one of America’s most iconic fictional families and run with it. In the past few months alone, we’ve seen The Simpsons mashed up with Breaking Bad, portraits of the sitcom’s characters as famous works of art, and — most bizarre of all — bizarre photo manipulations that transform celebrities into Simpsons. But we are especially amused by DeviantArt’s Claudia-R, who has created a series of posters that cast Simpsons characters in classic and popular films, from A Clockwork Orange to The Dark Knight. Click through to see ten of our favorites, and visit Claudia’s DeviantArt page for the rest.

Image credit: Claudia-R at DeviantArt [Spotted via Slodive]