The Best Drug Albums of All Time

A while back, we wrote about the age-old music industry debate regarding whether drugs catalyze creativity. There’s a huge amount of silliness written about musicians’ drug use — compare the hugely asinine “pro” position with the reasoned and rather sensible alternative here, for instance — but while we generally don’t buy into such destructive rock ‘n’ roll mythology, there have undeniably been some fantastic albums that’ll always be associated with drug use. With the band that made at least one such record — Spiritualized, with the all-time classic Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space — gearing up to put out their new album Sweet Heart Sweet Light, we thought we’d use this week’s release of their hugely strange, NSFW “Hey Jane” music video as an excuse to round up the best records that reflect both the highs and the lows of drug use. We’re of course aware that there are plenty more — what are your favorites? (And no, before you ask, The Dark Side of the Moon isn’t here. Just because everyone under the sun appears to have gotten wasted to this album at least once doesn’t mean it’s about drugs. So there.)

Cypress Hill — Black Sunday

If your teenage years didn’t involve getting heinously baked at least once with bad-influence friends while listening to this, well, we admire your commitment to Sparkle Motion.