10 Books That Would Make Great Theme Parties

We’ve been having a lot of fun with hypothetical party planning over here at Flavorpill — in the past few weeks, we’ve considered which films, albums, and TV shows would make the best theme parties. But since a party isn’t a party without Jay Gatsby’s jazzy blessing and a little bit of Shakespearean place-swapping, we had to round out the experiment with a list of books that we think would inspire the best costumes, decor, and conversation when mixed with a cocktail or two. Click through to check out the theme parties we’d throw around our favorite books, and let us know which novel you’re longing to celebrate in soiree form in the comments.

The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald

To recreate one of Jay Gatsby’s legendary Saturday night galas, invite your friends over to your mansion-away-from-home on Long Island for an opulent evening filled with ecstatic jazz (live is best, but if not, a throaty record player will do), and more gin rickeys than you can shake a stick at, dolls. Then slip off your dancing shoes and cap the evening off with a midnight dip in the pool. 1920s fancy dress required for entry; the more pearls and longing looks, the better.