10 Pop Culture Cameos by Iconic Chair Designs

There’s nothing we love more than inspired cameos and iconic design so when we spied Kanye West sitting on the wonderfully whimsical but insanely priced Proust Geometrica in a music video about one of our favorite native Brooklynites, we couldn’t help but wonder what other notable chairs have popped up in music videos, movies, and maybe even on album art.

From the world’s most popular chair in Mike Mills’ indie hit Beginners to the folded felt masterpiece in Rihanna’s sadomasochistic music video to the aluminum standby that played a crucial supporting role in one of the most famous dance sequences in pop-culture history, click through to check out our survey of iconic chair sightings. Then, tell us about your favorite chair cameo in the comments!

The Proust Geometrica Chair in Duck Sauce’s “Barbra Streisand” music video

Image credit: Comfort & Samuel; ALLMODERN