This Week in Trailers: Meryl, Medea, "Mansome" and More!

Every Friday here at Flavorwire, we like to gather up the week’s new movie trailers, give them a look-see, and rank them from worst to best — while taking a guess or two about what they might tell us (or hide from us) about the movies they’re promoting. We’ve got seven new ones for you this week — including a couple of titles from that festival, plus new stuff from Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones, Steve Carell, Blake Lively, Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Robert Pattinson, and Tyler Perry. Check ‘em all out after the jump, and share your thoughts in the comments.

Madea’s Witness Protection

You guys, I don’t know. I’ve tried watching Tyler Perry movies, I really have. I want to understand. But they’re awful, a hodgepodge of histrionics, Bible-thumping, slapstick, and troublesome messages about the male/female dynamic, and the presence of his popular “Medea” character is often the weirdest element — at least when he incorporates her into the melodramas, because how the hell are we supposed to buy into any of this serious marriage/divorce/relationship stuff when there’s clearly, clearly a man in a dress who everyone is pretending is a woman? That said, his latest appears to be going for full-on comedy, which certainly makes more sense tonally. All I can say is this: I hope to God that the beret and mustache and French accent Eugene Levy is sporting in this scene is supposed to be a bad disguise, because if that’s his actual character… holy hell, I hope he got a nice check.