A Brief History of Morrissey’s Many, Many Feuds

Unless you’ve been under a rock this week, you’ve doubtless heard about the slanging match between Morrissey and Jimmy Kimmel, centering on the former’s decision to cancel his appearance on the latter’s show. Morrissey is famous for hating just about everyone who isn’t an animal, so much so that it gets rather difficult to keep track of who he’s feuding with at any given moment. It’s also hard to keep track of whether such feuds represent a man more sinned against than sinning — the Kimmel thing, for instance, has generally been framed as Morrissey being Morrissey, whereas a less cursory examination of the facts reveal that he actually had a point. This isn’t always the case, of course, so we thought we’d review the history of some of his most memorable spats and the reasons behind them.


Jimmy Kimmel

So, no doubt you’ve read about this — Morrissey was booked to appear on The Jimmy Kimmel Show, but canceled when he discovered his fellow guests were to be the stars of Duck Dynasty, a reality TV show about duck hunting. Kimmel got pissy and ridiculed Morrissey’s decision. Morrissey responded with his characteristic vitriol. Et cetera. We’re siding with Morrissey here — he probably shouldn’t have taken the gig in the first place, but he doesn’t deserve to be ridiculed for sticking to his principles.

The verdict: Understandable