The 12 Best Non-US Sitcoms of the Past 30 Years

You may well have been following Vulture’s ongoing Sitcom Showdown™, if only to ask quite how in god’s name anyone ever thought Sex and the City was funnier than 30 Rock. If so, though, you may well have noted that consideration for the best-sitcom-of-the-last-30-years crown was limited to US-made shows. Quite why this decision was made is something that only Vulture know, but it seems a strange one given that there have been plenty of English-language sitcoms from outside this country that have been just as good, if not better, than anything on the Vulture list (except for The Simpsons, which thankfully won the whole Showdown). Here are some of our favorites.

Absolutely Fabulous

The best British sitcom of the 1990s, in your correspondent’s humble opinion, and a strong contender for the title of the best overall. The show works on plenty of levels, and is hilarious on all of them: baby boomer satire, family drama, parody of the fashion world, absurdist sketch comedy. The characters are all pitch perfect, and at its best AbFab is both thought-provoking and side-splittingly funny.