Amazing Album Covers for Time-Traveling Fantasy Supergroups

A Brazilian artist by the name of Butcher Billy — whose pop culture-obsessed work has delighted us in the past — created these fantastic faux record covers for a series of time-traveling fantasy supergroups (supergroups that, we submit, would be a whole lot better than plenty of real ones). The covers, which we spotted via Design You Trust, are so well done that on first viewing you do something of a double-take — surely David Bowie never managed to transcend time and space to moonlight in a band called “Stardust Vicious Robots” with Sid Vicious, Slash, and one of the dudes from Kraftwerk? There are a bunch of other similarly outlandish combinations on show, and they all look great — even if the sight of Skrillex in the same shot as Joan Jett is somewhat jarring.

Image credit: Butcher Billy