Readers’ Choice: 10 More of the Coolest Librarians Alive

Earlier this week, we posted about a few of the coolest librarians we’d ever heard of, and asked you to come back to us with your own suggestions. And come back you did, with suggestions of awesome librarians we missed from San Francisco to South Africa. We’ve collated a few of your suggestions, bringing our awesome librarian list up to a round 20. We know that still doesn’t cover it, but hey — that’s not a fact we’re likely to complain about.


Lori Easterwood and Jessica Zaker

As SacReader points out, these two Sacramento librarians have been extremely influential in outreach to possible readers in their 20s and 30s with their alt+library initiative. Running awesome-sounding programs like “Bollywood Spectacular, For the Spell of It (a spelling bee for adults), Herb Garden Mixology, Broke A$$ Holidays, Punk Rock Aerobics, Speed Dating for Book Lovers, Speed Friending, and a series of GLBTQIA focused National Library Week programs,” we wish these ladies worked at our local branch. Plus, Zaker, otherwise known as the Lipstick Librarian, is a roller derby skater.