Great Movies With Embarrassingly Bad DVD Art

You can’t judge a book by its cover, as we’ve recently discovered with not only books, but also music. That holds true with film as well — not just with movie posters, which have their own problematic elements, but when it comes time to sell you the movie in physical form. For years, DVD distributors have uglified some of our favorite movies — often even eschewing the classy and striking movie posters for Photoshopped, Frankensteined monstrosities of their own making, designed to move units at all costs. We’ve assembled some of the ugliest and most terrifying DVD images for movies we actually like — and provided their original posters as well, just so you can see how far they can fall.


Ocean’s Eleven

The original poster for Soderbergh’s Ocean’s remake was sharp, classy, eye-catching, and a perfect encapsulation of the film’s cool style. But it didn’t feature any faces from the all-star cast, so when it was time to put it out on video, Warner Brothers grabbed still frames from the movie, Photoshopped them together, put the whole thing through an orange bath that looks less like Ocean’s than Piss Christ, and called it good.