10 New Must-Reads for May

Another month, another pile of books accumulating on your bedside table, threatening to spill over while you sleep. This list will not help with that. But in case, despite all else, you’re looking for a read or two to keep you up late (the better to keep an eye on that rickety pile), this month will treat you well. Read on to discover short stories and sophomore novels galore, all guaranteed to prove companionable in this sweetest of months. What else are you looking forward to reading in high spring? Share the wealth in the comments.


The Whispering Muse, Sjón (April 30)

If you’re interested in literary superstars from far-flung, crazy-weird countries, you should pick up Sjón’s The Whispering Muse — or From the Mouth of the Whale or The Blue Fox — all three of which are newly released in the US this week. Strange and mythic, mysterious and masterful, it’s no wonder Björk is such a fan of this guy.