The Best Muppet Movie Cameos Ever

Fire up your Blu-ray players: The Muppet Movie is out today for your high-definition viewing pleasure. The 1979 family classic set the template for all of the Muppet flicks, with charming songs, big laughs, and a lotta heart. But it was also chock full of adorable celebrity cameos, and that’s a tradition that has continued in the 34 years since its release. After the jump, we’ve picked our favorite celebrity cameos from all of the Muppet movies.


Alan Arkin (The Muppets)

Arkin had already shared the small screen with the Muppets clear back in ’79, when he was guest star on a fourth-season episode of The Muppet Show. In this funny scene from the 2011 Muppets reboot, Arkin plays a crusty tour guide at the dilapidated and forgotten Muppet Studios, offering up halfhearted advice like “You really should see it” before shuffling the small group on to the next “attraction.”