50 Places Every Film Fan Should Visit

If you hadn’t noticed, Flavorwire isn’t just your home for cultural criticism and commentary; we’re also your online travel agent for pop pilgrimages. After the enthusiastic responses to our lists of must-see literary and music places, it seemed only appropriate to compile a similar guide to film places of note: museums, tours, theaters, but most of all the locations where your favorite movies were shot. Check them out after the jump, and add in your own favorites in the comments.


Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, Hollywood, CA

Sure, it’s an obvious choice, but for a reason: it’s the most famous movie theater in the world, thanks to its history, its location, and (most of all) the signatures, hand prints, and footprints of decades of stars in its concrete. (For the record, its official name these days is the TCL Chinese Theatre, but who the hell wants to call something that?)