From Apple to California Raisins: 7 Brands’ Forays Into Fashion

As we discussed yesterday, nothing starts out perfect when it comes to product design — even if you’re Apple. One interesting recent move for the company was its hiring of Yves Saint Laurent CEO Paul Deneve, who, as Haydn Shaughnessy at Forbes suggested, might have less to do with the development of the iWatch than with Apple’s potential desire to expand into clothing. If Shaughnessy turns out to be correct, it won’t be the first time Apple branches out into fashion.


The Apple Collection,” which made its debut — in case the picture didn’t tip you off — in 1986, wasn’t half as popular as you’d think, coming from the company that today has the market cornered on sleek and stylish digital products. But to anyone who pays attention to streetwear blogs or fashion-minded Instagram accounts, or who spends their time shopping at vintage stores, Apple’s original foray into the world of fashion might not seem all that tacky.

The same goes for some of these other brands that put their logos on clothing.