10 Awesome Holiday Gifts for the Movie Geek in Your Life

As you’ve possibly noticed, the holiday season is upon us — as is the holiday gift guide season. We’ve already helpfully offered up suggestions for the music lovers, bookworms, and even cat people on your list; now on to the cinephiles, those grouchy movie-lovers who seldom see daylight, yet will hopefully enjoy something from this assortment of books, discs, and other tree-ready paraphernalia.


Bruce Lee: The Legacy Collection

The oeuvre of kung fu master Bruce Lee has long been a nightmare for collectors, his slim filmography available mostly in shoddy transfers under a variety of titles, with countless “Bruceploitation” movies confusing the shelves for good measure. The good folks at Shout Factory stepped up with this deluxe box set, gathering remastered versions of four of his films (under their original titles), along with three documentaries, copious bonus features, and a beautifully illustrated companion book.